The solution You Seek is Hidden Deep In Your Mind

Hypnosis Can Help You Find It

How would you like to experience the power of The unconscious mind?


Discover how hypnosis can help find solutions to your challenges!

Self Hypnosis & Meditation

Learning self hypnosis can be a life changing experience. Learn how to apply the power of self hypnosis in your life.

Weekly Stress Buster Hypnosis

Feeling tired? Run down? This weekly online group hypnosis experience will help to perk you right up!

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” 

John C. Maxwell

What My Clients Say:

So Many Misconceptions!

I had so many misconceptions about hypnosis! Working with Robert was so comfortable and painless, and the results were immediate. I initially contacted Robert to work on a single issue and he cleared it up so fast that I got curious about what else we could do. Now he’s my Coach and I’ve actually been able to IMPROVE my circumstances through all this pandemic madness. I highly recommend him for hypnotherapy and coaching.


discover How Hypnosis Can Make Your life better!

Robert Walker C.Ht

The client stares fixedly between his two outstretched hands. Next to him a man is quietly talking to him.

“You can feel your hands being pulled together, pulled together, like two strong magnets on the palms of your hands, coming together.”

This mantra continues until the clients hands slowly start moving together, fingers clasp and all tension drains from the client as he drifts into a calm, deep, trance.

The image of the hypnotist in popular media is a little distorted…to say the least. The way hypnosis is shown in the media may make it seem like it’s just for fun, but there’s so much more to hypnosis than its value for entertainment. In reality, hypnotherapy can significantly benefit your health and well being in almost any area.

Hypnotherapy is actually a very powerful technique for reprogramming your subconscious mind. Through this practice you can:

  • Feel more relaxed in your daily life. Hypnosis is very relaxing and helps you go with the flow more.
  • Gain a better understanding of your inner world and your feelings which can lead to understanding your behavior.
  • Improve relationships with others. Understanding yourself and the causes of your behavior naturally develops an acceptance of self and an acceptance of others.
  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce or remove phobias in just a few sessions
  • Overcome your bad habits. You can also change your relationship with your bad habits.
  • Once the skill of trance is developed it can be applied in unlimited ways

Hypnosis can help increase a persons overall mental capacity. By creating an open and accepting state of mind the client becomes more and more aware of their unconscious mental processes, literally becoming aware of HOW they think. Because of the unconscious minds natural healing abilities the negative aspects of these processes will heal themselves with little intervention from me.

Hypnosis can be performed in person or online. It's very convenient.

A series of Hypnosis sessions can increase mind/body control. It creates a state of awareness and acceptance and allows one to access their own unconscious resources which will give them more options in the moment to allow them to make better choices.

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